Author feature: A.S. Volk

Today we feature A.S. Volk , author of Rapunzel, and why she became a writer:
When did you start writing?thunder
I’ve been writing for a looong time but it’s been recent, in the past few years, I’ve thought of writing with the goal of publishing a book. I suppose I really started writing, with the idea of creating a book, when I was a teenager. My best friend and I had an idea for a high fantasy setting with a female “chosen one” protagonist. Perhaps one day we’ll get back to it!
What keeps you writing?
The love of the craft. I’m not a talkative person, at least verbally. But I love the idea that I can create a world of my own just from the images in my mind. I love watching my work grow and seeing improvement all the time. When I get my hands on a keyboard I can’t stop talking. And through this hobby I’ve met some of the most amazing people!
What do you write?Rhan
Romance! Most are supernatural or fantasy-based romances but I’ve also written science fiction and high fantasy. But I feel that romance is such a great genre because, for me, it’s so satisfying to experience the rush of love and writing about it allows me to realize there’s so much more to love than just the physical aspect.
What is your future goal for writing?
Publishing! Public consumption! Whether it’s from an actual publishing house or independent process, I would love to scratch that goal from my bucket list. Of course, it would be great to be accepted by a publisher but I’m not gonna hold my breath. The first part is actually having something that’s worth putting out there. I’ll get there. One day. Maybe…


A.S. Volk can be found at thatwriternamedvolk on tumblr.


Author feature: Megan Fuentes

Today we have Megan Fuentes, author of The Substance of a Shadow, and why she became a writer:

I became a writer in the fourth grade. I was always writing, but fourth grade is when a certain teacher put in my head the idea of giving myself a title to match. The boot fit like a glove, and I’m still wearing it today, folks.megan

I’m a writer of many things, none of which I’m terribly proud of after I’ve been given five minutes to digest the finished project. I suppose one category you could put me under is “short story writer.“ Eventually I’ll work my way up to “novelist,” but I haven’t listened to enough Writing Excuses podcasts yet.

In the next few years, maybe you’ll get unlucky, and I’ll publish something else, but for right now, you’re stuck with only the following pieces.


Megan Fuentes can be found at bymeganwithmeraki on tumblr.

Author feature: HK Lune

Our featured author today is HK Lune, author of Clockpunk and the Vitalizer.

HK Lune is your average book-writing machine, creating science fiction stories from her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s been writing since childhood, but not until high school did she realize she didn’t want to do much else. Since then she’s written several stories, “Clockpunk and the Vitalizer” the first to be released.

Hopefully she’ll become a full-time author, drawing readers in with her signature blend of action, comedy, tragedy, and plenty of robots. More importantly she wants to provide great sci-fi to the world. If there’s anything she loves to do, it’s write.extra closeup

When HK isn’t writing, you can usually find her reading, playing video games, watching something, or forgetting about her tea (again). Here’s a picture of the mug, it’s nothing special, but it was her great-grandmother’s.

You can find HK Lune on tumblr at, Twitter @hklunethewriter, and Goodreads as HK.

Author feature: Audrey Rose B.

For our next feature, Audrey, author of Beautiful Anomalies, gave us a little interview: 

– When did you start writing?IMG_0735
When I was seven. I used to write in little notebooks for school, and I even remember one of the first things I wrote. It was a little fairy tale about a squirrel, and it was dedicated to my grandfather for some reason! I also wrote other little tales, then I tried writing novels in my little books- and by novels, I mean stories completely inspired by other books I was reading or movies I was seeing. One of my first stories was practically a copy paste of the Last of the Mohicans because I was obsessed with it then! I also remember using my mom’s old typewriter as we didn’t have a computer until I was twelve. Everything was terribly, terribly written, but it had lots of enthusiasm at least!
– What keeps you writing today?IMG_0834
Writing is literally the air I breathe. If I don’t write anything for a few days, it’s like I’m out of sync. Even if writing is hard and can be frustrating, even discouraging, there’s truly nothing that makes me happier. The worldbuilding, the dialogue, the relationship… there’s nothing like it.
– What do you write?
Fantasy novels, mostly.
– What do you wish for you to happen in the future?
Ideally? I’d love for my books to be published and for people to read them. I daydream about having a little fandom of my own often and seeing artwork, fanfic, headcanons, having people be invested… That’s the dream!

Audrey Rose B. is on tumblr at audreyroseb.

Featured author: CDP Morkert

Welcome to our first author feature: CDP Morkert, author of Collector’s Edition:


Greetings, readers!  My name is CDP Morkert, and I’m the writer of Collector’s Edition in this lovely anthology.  Primarily I write fantasy, or sci-fi, or futuristic… slice-of-life?  I’m currently working on a comic called Don’t Kill the Messenger, and I’m not sure how to categorize it yet (is there a genre for bad-ass delivery people?).

So far my late-twenties have been going fairly well.  This is the first time I’ve been published.  I don’t make a living with my art, so it’s nice to have something out there people can see, and hopefully enjoy.  I do have a story on Wattpad called Becoming a Poltergeist, but I’ve hit a wall with it.  I hope to at least come close to finishing it this year.

Writing isn’t the only medium I use, I also draw and animate.  I haven’t put together an animation since my MBA thesis though (which can be seen on  It was one of my most enjoyable projects, even in all its rough glory.  Hopefully I can find the time to make another.  Frame by frame animation is a bit time-consuming unfortunately… someday I’ll do it again.

It took someone’s outside perspective to make me realize I didn’t really follow the book’s theme of taking old tales and spinning them.  I sort of took the theme of taking something new out of the old and ran with it without looking back.  Collector’s Edition stemmed from a comic I was making with two rival treasure hunters, Pagos the basilisk PagosDoodleand Hori the kamaitachi.  That comic is still in production, but with Collector’s Edition fleshing out the characters the story has changed quite a bit.  These two have been fighting each other for a long time, and know the other’s strengths and weaknesses intimately.  With Jiang the dragon’s perspective in Collector’s Edition their dynamic was sort of shuffled around a bit.  There’s still that tension of rivalry there, but also a great amount of respect for each other that has deepened to romantic curiosity.  Jiang himself was extremely fun to write for.  He has been around the block a few times, and has many regrets.  He’s doing his best to better himself by investing in the future, and is much happier for it.  ByronInspirationsAnd there is also my favorite character in the story to consider who is, of course, Byron.  My family used to have two pomeranians that have since passed on, so Byron is an tribute to them.  Rest in peace, Palmer and Misty.

There are quite a few stories I have that I wish to share with the world, but there are many obstacles that make finishing them fairly difficult for me.  I am so thankful for this anthology, giving me a goal that I worked toward and completed!  Now the trick is to keep that creative ball rolling.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope you can take a look at our book.  It has amazing stories in there! Well done to everyone who participated in this!

CDP Morkert can be found at and

Our book, our authors

Barbara here with an update:

Our book is still available for free everywhere (amazon, ibooks, kobo and more).

It has gotten great reviews, I’m glad that readers seem to enjoy it. My favorite review from says:

This anthology absolutely kicked my ass from start to finish! There are so many fresh takes on familiar stories and tropes here; it would take an hour to write out my love for all of them. Long story short, if you like fairy tales, fantasy, speculative fiction, but you’re looking for something different? You need this book.
amazon review
Thank you, Kat, whoever you are, you made my day!
Over the coming weeks, we’re going to feature our authors here on the site, what and why they write and what kind of things we will see from them in the future.
We have some talented writers here and I’m sure we’ll see more wonderful stories from them. You can always say that you knew them before they got famous then!


Free Ebook! Fairytales and myths in a new light.

As with everything, it took way longer than we expected. But it’s finally here:


Download it for free at Amazon and many more stores.

Or, if you want to avoid the stores, you can download the pdf version New-Tales-From-Old-Yarn.pdf right here.

The amazing cover was designed by Sébastien Bélanger and you can find his website at

Please leave us a nice review if you liked the book.
Thank you.


It’s here! Our free book of rewritten fairytales is here!


Roughly a year ago, Lorna Davidson put out a call on tumblr for the writers of writelr, to submit short stories with the theme of rewritten fairytales and myths. The project faced a multitude of problems, and Lorna had to hand the project over to me (Barbara) at some point.

In my hands it also suffered from lack of time and distractonitis but now, finally, it is getting published.

This anthology combines short stories and a poem by eleven talented writers from tumblr. Never before published retellings and reinterpretations of well known tales and exciting new tales and myths from all over the world to read and enjoy in a new light.

I’m still waiting for the amazon link to go live but you can already find our book, for free, at Kobo, Barnes&Nobles, iBooks and many more stores.

I hope you’ll enjoy this anthology and please leave us a review.