A beautiful experiment. As everything in life, it took much longer than we anticipated.

Some people may not know it but there is an active and inspiring writer community on tumblr. We love writing, we share stories and we help each other to become better writers. One of our fellow “writelrs”, Lorna Davidson, brought up the idea of combining our abilities and doing what we love – write. It took a long time and the project had to change hands but here we are now. A collection of fairytales and myths, re-imagined by some of the talented writers on tumblr.

We hope you’ll like what you’ll find in here.



Download it for free at Amazon and Kobo, ibooks, and many more stores.

Or, if you want to avoid the stores, you can download the pdf version New-Tales-From-Old-Yarn.pdf right here.

The amazing cover was designed by Sébastien Bélanger and you can find his website at sebastienbelanger.ca.

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