Author Feature: Barbara Becc

Today we feature Barbara Becc , author of Cinder and Blood, with “How to become a writer when you’ralready kind of old”:

When did you start writing?

Funny story that. I remember writing on an old, mechanical typewriter when I was young, possibly around 12 or 13 years old. My stories where the same kind of stories I played with my Barbie dolls and horses. There where horses that foaled, horses that ran away or got stolen, tournaments and in between all, these young girls in jeans, shirts and boots (do you know how difficult it was to find clothing for Barbie dolls that looked like that?).
The girls took care of everything and in my writing I always made a point of the characters having to go to the bathroom. Apparently it was a major pet peeve of mine that nobody ever had to pee in fiction.
And then I stopped writing stories. For many years.
It was a game that brought me back to writing and that game was Mass Effect. Through Mass Effect I discovered fanfiction and in 2012 I wrote my first fanfiction at the ripe age of 43 years.
There it is, published November 7, 2012. It has been sitting dormant lately but I still have a plan to finish it. It’s old and clunky but I’m still proud of it.

What keeps you writing? writing-selfie

I write because I can. I think I’m kind of good at it? There’s not many things in my life that I do or have to do where I honestly feel like I’m good at them, so I’m treasuring this. I can tell stories and maybe other people will like to read them.

What do you write?

I write fantasy and science fiction with romance. I’m also trying my hands at erotica, I had one short story published in an erotica anthology. It has gone out of publication now and I have published it myselfrosesandtails-cover6-tiny

What is your future goal for writing?

I want to publish novels regularly and earn some money with it. I want people to love reading my stories, give them an escape and maybe some hope for the future.


Where can we read you?

Hopefully soon on the ebook reader of your choice. I’m using archiveofourown for my fanfiction and I’m publishing an ongoing story on wattpad and on my blog.

Barbara Becc can be found at the960writers  and barbarabecc on tumblr, on her author page and as @barbarabarbex on twitter.

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