Author feature: HK Lune

Our featured author today is HK Lune, author of Clockpunk and the Vitalizer.

HK Lune is your average book-writing machine, creating science fiction stories from her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s been writing since childhood, but not until high school did she realize she didn’t want to do much else. Since then she’s written several stories, “Clockpunk and the Vitalizer” the first to be released.

Hopefully she’ll become a full-time author, drawing readers in with her signature blend of action, comedy, tragedy, and plenty of robots. More importantly she wants to provide great sci-fi to the world. If there’s anything she loves to do, it’s write.extra closeup

When HK isn’t writing, you can usually find her reading, playing video games, watching something, or forgetting about her tea (again). Here’s a picture of the mug, it’s nothing special, but it was her great-grandmother’s.

You can find HK Lune on tumblr at, Twitter @hklunethewriter, and Goodreads as HK.